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Season 1, Episode 1
September 26, 1955
Robin of Locksley returns home from fighting in the Crusades to find Prince John has assumed power of the area and the Normans have seized Robin's land along with that of other Saxons.
Season 1, Episode 2
October 3, 1955
Robin has been recruited by Scatlock to join his gang of outlaws. He must first rob the purse of the moneylender who has impossed a high tax on the people.
Season 1, Episode 3
October 10, 1955
Little John has escaped from his feudal lord only to be caught by the sheriff of Nottingham in a tavern. He is promised his freedom if he goes into Sherwood and brings back Robin.
Season 1, Episode 4
October 17, 1955
Friar Tuck needs the help of Robin to wed two lovers after finding out the bride is promised to another she doesn't love.
Season 1, Episode 5
October 24, 1955
Robin gets put in a perilous position after the outlaws waylay a courier. Maid Marion is suspected as being an enemy of the gang of outlaws.
Season 1, Episode 6
October 31, 1955
Robin disguises himself as a butcher and creates a disturbance, in order to get an audience with the sheriff and stop the hanging of Will Stutely
Season 1, Episode 7
November 7, 1955
Sir Richard of the Lea and the Sheriff of Nottingham set up a contest to see which man is the better bowman - the Sheriff's contestant, which he claims is the finest in the land , or Robin.
Season 1, Episode 8
November 14, 1955
The Queen Mother, Eleanor of Acquitaine has arrived to collect donations to help with King Richard's fight against the Saracens. Marian convinces Eleanor to let Robin help her escape freely from Nottingham after hearing of the Sheriffs plot to rob her.
Season 1, Episode 9
November 21, 1955
The Count de Waldern finds he has unwanted guests after inviting Maid Marian for dinner.
Season 1, Episode 10
November 28, 1955
Edgar, an outlaw gang member is sentenced to grab an iron bar from a boiling cauldron after being falsely accused for the murder of Jack the Wagoner.
Season 1, Episode 11
December 5, 1955
Marian's father, away at the Crusades, arranges her marriage to Sir Hubert, a gold digging Knight.
Season 1, Episode 12
December 12, 1955
Duncan, a Highlander, arrives in Sherwood Forest to visit Robin Hood, and hangs around Robin's gang, irritating Robin by flirting with Lady Marian, but what are his real plans?
Season 1, Episode 13
December 19, 1955
The future King of England, Prince Arthur is lost in the greenwood. Robin finds him and works to return him to his mother Constance, Duchess of Brittany, while Little John teaches the boy outlaw ways.
Season 1, Episode 14
December 26, 1955
Sir Richard of the Lea, seeking approval to get his son married off to the lovely Lady Gladys, enlists Robin to help persuade her father that his son is suitable.
Season 1, Episode 15
January 2, 1956
A village woman, whose son is an outlaw, is accused of witchcraft for smelting gold coins from stolen plates. Robin must rescue her before she is burned at the stake for consorting with the Devil.
Season 1, Episode 16
January 9, 1956
A Jongleur, Bartholomew, upsets The Sheriff of Nottingham and ends up as Robin's guest for dinner. He is soon recruited to help Robin and Little John in a plan to relieve the Sheriff of unfair tax money.
Season 1, Episode 17
January 16, 1956
Robin and Friar Tuck help a poor serf to enter the Monastery at Whitby. However the young man is forced to flee when the Sheriff has his twin brother thrown into prison on trumped up charges.
Season 1, Episode 18
January 23, 1956
When Robin discovers that two students have been committing robberies and claiming to be his men, Robin and Marian teach them a lesson they'll not forget.
Season 1, Episode 19
January 30, 1956
Having tried all the boots in Nottingham, the Sheriff finds wonderful boots in the village of Retford. However he soon learns who makes them, and is easily persuaded to let the merchants of Nottingham have their way with the village.
Season 1, Episode 20
February 6, 1956
An epidemic of Saint Anthony's Fire is running rampant throughout Nottingham, and it's up to Little John and Robin to deliver much needed supplies to the city, in order to help the poor. However they are discovered and Robin is wounded in battle. It's up to Little John to save the day.
Season 1, Episode 21
February 13, 1956
Masked raiders have slain Ralph Redman and burnt his home, leaving an arrow that points to Robin as the culprit. Robin seeks out the truth at Wells Castle and its new owner Baron Hubert. Has his desire to possess his own hunting grounds led him to murder those in his way?
Season 1, Episode 22
February 20, 1956
Having obtained the list of traitors conspiring to put Prince John on the throne, King Richard/Peregrinus plans to capture the rebel lords' leader, Count de Belvoir, the Earl of Huntingdon.
Season 1, Episode 23
February 27, 1956
When the town gates are closed to all men until after a hanging, Robin Hood attempts entry disguised as a woman only to be discovered and imprisoned.
Season 1, Episode 24
March 5, 1956
At the Blue Boar Inn, Robin and Little John walk in on the garishly dressed William of Winchester. Little John insults Will, sword play ensues attracting the Sheriff's men. Robin, John and Will fight them off together.
Season 1, Episode 25
March 12, 1956
Marian takes Robin to an ancient and deserted castle, where he is shocked to see the Queen Mother waiting for him. She has a mission for him that will be of tremendous service to England in general and King Richard in particular in denying an alliance between Prince John and King Phillip of France.
Season 1, Episode 26
March 19, 1956
Sir William raises the taxes on his tenant farmers, then threatens to throw them off their land if they don't come up with the money. Robin comes up with a plan to get the villagers their money back, but it involves Friar Tuck keeping them in church while he does so, so Tuck prepares to deliver the longest sermon of his career.
Season 1, Episode 27
March 26, 1956
Maid Marian is accused of the murder of King's commissioner. Trial by battle is the only hope to stay her execution, but the men of Sherwood feel that Robin is too ill to be her champion.
Season 1, Episode 28
April 2, 1956
When Arthur A'Bland, a serf to Count FitzUrse, is framed for murder on his land, he flees to safety in Sherwood Forest. His children Alice and Oswald are taken in by the Lord FitzUrse, Robin sets out to reunite Arthur and his offspring.
Season 1, Episode 29
April 9, 1956
When Sir Walter of Donington's father is killed at the Third Crusade, the father of his betrothed, Genevieve Blackstock, intendeds to swindle him out of his estate with help from Count de Clifford who claims he was owed a debt by Lord Donington. Sir Walter counters the claims and is forced to settled the matter in armed combat at the May Fayre, Robin steps in to see fair play.
Season 1, Episode 30
April 16, 1956
Robin meets travelling physician Joseph of Cordoba, who is reported to the Sheriff when he upsets the local "doctors" by curing the ailing Sir Walter de Lys, when they couldn't. When Derwent's son is injured Robin seeks Joseph's help, but the Sheriff is waiting to trap Derwent, and Robin must save the day.
Season 1, Episode 31
April 23, 1956
Robin unknowingly steals Queen Eleanor's silver Byzantine plates, being transported undercover by a monk through Sherwood. Marian involves their friend Sir Richard of the Lea, but Sir Richard, as ever, has many debts to pay off and uses the plates to show how wealthy he is. Soon the Sheriff's lieutenant takes an interest - can Robin hold him off until the Archbishop arrives to take the plates to their rightful owner?
Season 1, Episode 32
April 30, 1956
The mysterious pilgrim Peregrinus arrives in Nottingham and is not all he seems.
Season 1, Episode 33
May 7, 1956
When Friar Tuck is arrested and taken to be judged by The Archbishop, Robin and Little John race to his aid.
Season 1, Episode 34
May 14, 1956
When Derwent overhears some messengers talk about the "jewels" they're guarding, he devises a plan to steal the shipment and successfully carries it out, only to discover that the "jewels" are two small children belonging to a noble family.
Season 1, Episode 35
May 21, 1956
King Richard is held prisoner in Austria and Robin must ensure the safe passage of the Ransom money to the coast, but is one of the three lords who brought it to Marian's castle a Traitor?
Season 1, Episode 36
May 28, 1956
Robin and the gang are called upon to seek out the truth behind a murderous Viking ghost at Thorkil castle.
Season 1, Episode 37
June 4, 1956
Robin and the gang lend Sir Richard of the Lea the money he needs to pay off a debt owed to the corrupt Abbott Franklyn who is in league with the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Season 1, Episode 38
June 11, 1956
When Robin bets Friar Tuck that he can obtain more money by begging than the Friar can by other means, he encounters the unsavoury members of the Beggars guild.
Season 1, Episode 39
July 9, 1956
Prince John has issued a decree that King Richard is dead and that he will be crowned King. Marian and Robin head to London and the Prince's palace to stop the Coronation taking place by proving Richard still lives.
Season 2, Episode 2
October 8, 1956
The Abbot entrusts the safety of Albertus of Oxford, a master of science who is wanted by Prince John to construct a device to destroy ships at sea, to Friar Tuck. Can Robin get the monk to safety or will the Sheriff claim the prize?
Season 2, Episode 5
October 29, 1956
Robin and Marian find Sir Richard of the Lea has fallen under the influence of Lepidus the Alchemist, who has promised to turn his pewter plates to gold. The Sheriff wants to arrest Lepidus for treason but Robin, after proving Lepidus "powers" to him, parleys a deal with the greedy Sheriff to give over the alchemist in exchange for Will, an outlaw that is to be hanged.
Season 2, Episode 16
January 14, 1957
Marian's cousin Sir William arrives in Sherwood with a message from Queen Eleanor regarding the King's ransom in Austria, but Marian has a forbidding dream of warning and Robin must determine the truth behind his claims and Marian's fears.
Season 2, Episode 19
February 4, 1957
When Tom Joyner falls from a high tree trying to retrieve Sir Charles's sons cat, the Lords bailiff after Friar Tuck has pronounced death, invokes the Heriot Tax, which means Sir Charles is entitled to any of Tom's goods and chattles, which will leave the serfs family penniless. Tom however was only stunned and Friar Tuck devises a way to end this death tax in the village forever, with a little help from Little John and the gang.
Season 2, Episode 20
February 11, 1957
Whilst staying at Marian's castle with the Prince Arthur, Prince John and The Sheriff devise a way to keep Robin and his band out of the way, while they put into action an ambush plan, involving phoney outlaws, that will lead to the deaths of Prince Arthur and Lady Marian.
Season 2, Episode 21
February 18, 1957
When Robin and Friar Tuck escort Prince Arthur and Lady Constance to safety in France they encounter Jacques Chapaeu, the self-proclaimed Robin Hood of France, who holds them captive meaning to exchange Prince Arthur for his own brother who is held in the Paris Prison, until Friar Tuck introduces him to the "real" Robin Hood. Soon Robin and Jacques are involved in a prison escape plan.
Season 2, Episode 22
February 25, 1957
Lepidus, the Alchemist, still held prisoner by the Sheriff, has promised to make gold for him in return for his freedom, The Sheriff, dubious of his claim after being kept waiting for six weeks, threatens that he will hang him in seven days time unless his alchemy begins to work. As Robin is away in France it is up to Marian to come up with a plan to satisfy the Sheriff and save Lepidus from being hanged.
Season 2, Episode 23
March 4, 1957
While waiting for a boat to take them back to England, Robin spots Sir Roderick, an emmissary of Prince John, disguised as a wine merchant, collecting gold for the Prince. Robin and Tuck contact the French underground via the waitress at the Black Rabbit Inn, Michelle, for help in uncovering the plot. Robin and Tuck decide to divert the gold, and a little impersonation is called for.
Season 2, Episode 24
March 11, 1957
While fishing in a secret pool Robin and Marian see Sir Cedric's men arresting a poor, hungry serf for poaching eels from Cedric's lake. Marian goes to Cedric to plead for the man's release, while Robin decides to take a different tactic, one involving Cedric's obsession for fishing.
Season 2, Episode 25
March 18, 1957
Three of Robin's men travel undercover as part of a group of Bavarian acrobats, The Flying Four, to a fayre to meet their wives and families. A greedy Gypsy fortune teller betrays them to the Sheriff of Nottingham, who immediately arrests them. Robin, on his return from France, must break them out before they are executed.
Season 2, Episode 27
April 1, 1957
Joseph of Cordoba and his daughter Esther have escaped from a riot against Jews in York organized by Lord Malbete, taking with them the York Treasure a sum of money collected by the Jews to pay the captain of the ship that will arrive in the seaport of Grimsby in four days time that is bringing Jewish refugees to England, whilst Joseph rests in Sherwood with a leg wound, Robin, Little John and Esther head for the coast with the hatemongering Malbete in pursuit.
Season 2, Episode 28
April 8, 1957
Robin and his men are accused of stealing a gold shipment, and Maid Marian comes under suspicion for being a spy for Robin. The Sheriff borrows a baby girl to abandon in Sherwood Forest and trap Marian when the outlaws pass the baby to her.
Season 2, Episode 29
April 15, 1957
Robin and his archenemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham, set aside their differences temporarily to work together to rid Nottingham of the Duke DeMoreville, a murderous psychopath that the terrified citizenry refers to as "The Hangman of Leicester" who is sending five black pearls to Prince John for the Sheriff's head.
Season 4, Episode 14
August 21, 1960
Little John returns to Sherwood Forest and finds his place in Robin's band taken by Will Scarlet and The Deputy Sheriff offers Little John a pardon.

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