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Make Room for Daddy


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    Make Room for Daddy     19531965     available on [DVD]


February 23, 1954
Season 1, Episode 22

Margaret's Birthday

It's Margaret's birthday, and this year she plans on hinting to Danny the present she would like to receive.
February 1, 1955
Season 2, Episode 19

The Children's Governess

The kids are unhappy when Danny and Margaret decide to hire a governess to care for the kids.
February 22, 1955
Season 2, Episode 22

Rusty Gets a Haircut

No barber in town will agree to give Rusty a haircut due to Margaret's threats against cutting off her baby's curly locks. So Danny takes actions into his own hands.
April 26, 1955
Season 2, Episode 30

A Trip to Wisconsin

The Williams family take a trip to visit Margaret's hometown. Although the peace and serenity is a blessing, Danny begins to long for the city nightclub scene.
September 20, 1955
Season 3, Episode 2

Little League

Danny agrees to provide the lot for a sandlot baseball league as long as he can be a coach and that Rusty gets to be one of the players.
March 20, 1956
Season 3, Episode 26

Don't Yell at Your Children

Danny and Margaret want to set an example for their children and decide to stop yelling at them. But the kids learn that being naughty is no fun without being scolded afterward.
November 17, 1958
Season 6, Episode 7

Jack Benny Takes Danny's Job


Make Room for Daddy

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