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Season 2, Episode 1
November 4, 1951
Jack keeps getting interrupted, first by bandleader Bob Crosby and then by a talkative cabbie.
Season 3, Episode 3
November 30, 1952
Burglars attempt to rob Jack's house after the show is over but they haven't counted on his numerous booby traps.
Season 3, Episode 7
April 19, 1953
Old radio rival Fred Allen tries to steal Jack's sponsor for his new television show. If that isn't enough, a third comic, Eddie Cantor, gets into the mix as well.
Season 4, Episode 1
September 13, 1953
Jack takes a cruise liner to Hawaii and discovers that Marilyn Monroe is also a passenger on the ship.
Season 4, Episode 3
October 25, 1953
Humphrey Bogart plays a gangster named Baby Face opposite Jack's police detective.
Season 4, Episode 4
November 15, 1953
Johnny Ray demands a fee of $10,000 to appear on Jack's show. Our horrified host immediately tries to talk him down.
Season 4, Episode 5
December 6, 1953
When Jack hears that actress Irene Dunne is making a new picture he tries to wrangle for himself the role of her leading man.
Season 4, Episode 6
December 27, 1953
On the eve of New Year's Eve, Jack recalls events that occurred from the previous year.
Season 4, Episode 7
January 17, 1954
Flamboyant pianist Liberace gives Jack a tour of his house and the whole decor is way over the top even by Jack's standards.
Season 4, Episode 8
February 7, 1954
Jack dreams about what would have happened had he gotten married to longtime friend/employee/galpal Mary Livingstone.
Season 4, Episode 10
March 21, 1954
Jack recalls his old vaudeville days when he was partners with George Burns and Bing Crosby in an act called "Goldie, Fields, and Glide."
Season 4, Episode 13
May 23, 1954
Jack and Bob Hope spoof Hope's road pictures.
Season 5, Episode 2
October 17, 1954
Several of Jack's Hollywood pals show up at his house one evening for a musician's jam session.
Season 5, Episode 3
October 31, 1954
Jack relates the story of how he first met long-time female sidekick (and real life wife) Mary Livingstone.
Season 5, Episode 5
November 28, 1954
The story of Jack's life is related in a comical fashion.
Season 5, Episode 14
April 3, 1955
Jack disguises himself in order to become a contestant on the popular quiz program You Bet Your Life.
Season 6, Episode 3
October 23, 1955
Season 6, Episode 4
November 6, 1955
Jack is down in the dumps about his violin playing so Mary and Rochester get Isaac Stern to pep him up.
Season 6, Episode 6
December 4, 1955
Thinking he can make a fortune, Jack decides to go hunting for uranium in Death Valley and drags Mary and Rochester along with him.
Season 6, Episode 7
January 1, 1956
New Year's Day episode features coaches from the competing Rose Bowl teams.
Season 6, Episode 8
January 15, 1956
Jack and the Gang are invited to dinner at the home of show announcer Don Wilson, but Mrs. Wilson is caught totally unprepared.
Season 6, Episode 12
March 11, 1956
Jack decides to take a weekend vacation in Palm Springs but his impulsive behavior once there lands him in the hospital.
Season 7, Episode 5
November 18, 1956
Rochester calls Jack in the middle of the show to inform his boss that the Maxwell has been stolen. Jack then heads for the Beverly Hills police station to file a stolen car report but finds that they do things a little differently there.
Season 7, Episode 8
December 30, 1956
During an amateur talent show, Jack pulls a dirty trick to get Jayne Mansfield to appear on the program.
Season 8, Episode 3
October 20, 1957
In this parody of The $64,000 Question, host Hal March appears as a contestant with Jack as host and is forced to answer exceedingly difficult questions.
Season 8, Episode 4
November 3, 1957
Ginger Rogers is supposed to re-unite with her old dancing partner, Fred Astaire, but when he's late to the studio she might have to settle for Jack.
Season 8, Episode 7
December 15, 1957
In this update of a yearly tradition on his radio program, Jack goes Christmas shopping for his friends and proceeds to drive nearly the whole department store staff crazy.
Season 8, Episode 10
January 26, 1958
A spoof of The Honeymooners with Audrey Meadows reprising her role as Alice Kramden and Jack and Dennis Day playing the Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton roles.
Season 8, Episode 15
April 6, 1958
Ronnie Burns, son of George Burns and Gracie Allen, pays Jack a visit in this episode. When he gets to sing a number it arouses the jealousy in Don Wilson and son Harlow.
Season 9, Episode 10
January 25, 1959
Guest Ernie Kovacs joins Jack in a sketch about futuristic prison life in 1970.
Season 11, Episode 4
November 6, 1960
Jack buys a cheap suit made in Hong Kong for $12. It starts to unravel during his violin duet with guest Gisele MacKenzie.
Season 11, Episode 7
December 4, 1960
In the sketch, Jack plays a diner owner who is menaced by three hoodlums (Dan Duryea, Dennis Day, Frank Nelson).
Season 11, Episode 8
December 11, 1960
Jack tags along when Jimmy and Gloria Stewart decide to attend a symphony concert.
Season 11, Episode 11
January 1, 1961
Jack holds casting auditions for a television special about his life.
Season 11, Episode 13
January 15, 1961
Don Wilson celebrates his 27th anniversary as announcer for Jack on both television and radio.
Season 11, Episode 14
January 22, 1961
After losing at cards to Rochester, Jack has to do the grocery shopping.
Season 11, Episode 16
February 5, 1961
Jack becomes infatuated with a pretty new receptionist so he decides to join a gym when he discovers that she likes the muscular type.
Season 11, Episode 22
March 19, 1961
Jack and Don Wilson arrive in Las Vegas where they encounter the Mills Brothers.
Season 11, Episode 25
April 9, 1961
Jack heads to a homeless shelter to retrieve a suit of his that Rochester donated by mistake. It seems that this suit had $200 in a pocket.
Season 12, Episode 7
December 3, 1961
After doing the show with guest Bobby Rydell, Jack finds himself being stalked on his return home.
Season 12, Episode 8
December 10, 1961
Jack inexplicably tries to wow guest songstress Jane Morgan by taking her to a cafeteria.
Season 12, Episode 9
December 17, 1961
Jack writes a song and tries to get composer Dimitri Tiomkin to score an arrangement for it.
Season 12, Episode 12
January 7, 1962
Jack listens to a record given to him by opera singer Roberta Peters and then dreams that he's starring in an opera with her.
Season 12, Episode 17
February 11, 1962
Jack and Gisele MacKenzie stop off in a ghost town on their way back to Los Angeles from an appearance in Phoenix.
Season 12, Episode 19
March 4, 1962
Guest Julie London sings two numbers and Jack gets out performed on the violin by a twelve-year-old girl from the audience.
Season 13, Episode 5
October 23, 1962
Jack asks Lawrence Welk if he can sit in with his band.
Season 13, Episode 7
November 13, 1962
In the sketch, Jack plays Tarzan to Carol Burnett's Jane.
Season 13, Episode 17
January 22, 1963
Jack goes to a doctor's office and soon fears that a fellow patient (Peter Lorre) might be an escaped murderer.
November 13, 1965

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