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The Dick Van Dyke Show


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    The Dick Van Dyke Show     19611966     available on [DVD]


September 26, 1962
Season 2, Episode 1

Never Name a Duck

Rob brings home a pair of baby ducks from work, and Ritchie promptly gives them names. But when one of the ducks becomes ill, Rob needs to teach his son an important life lesson.
October 17, 1962
Season 2, Episode 4

Bank Book 6565696

Rob is shocked when he discovers that Laura has a bank account of her own that she has never revealed.
October 24, 1962
Season 2, Episode 5

Hustling the Hustler

Rob plays pool against Buddy's brother who insists he can't play, but is really a hustler. But it's Laura to the rescue when he discovers he is married to a pool shark.
November 21, 1962
Season 2, Episode 4

The Night the Roof Fell In

A bad day at the office creates drama at home for Rob and Laura, as he walks out after a spat.
December 19, 1962
Season 2, Episode 13

A Man's Teeth Are Not His Own

When Rob breaks a tooth while eating, he finds himself in need of an emergency dentist appointment, but fears he has betrayed his friend and usual dentist Jerry by seeing another.
February 27, 1963
Season 2, Episode 23

Give Me Your Walls

When Rob accidentally draws on a wall, he and Laura decide to get a professional painter to redo the room. But the painter's habits have them regretting their choice.


The Dick Van Dyke Show

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