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The Lawless Years

Series aired 1959 - 1959
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Season 1, Episode 1
April 16, 1959
Detective Ruditsky relates the story of Nick Joseph, a small-time hood from Manhattan's Lower East Side, who rises from petty theft to become an ace contract killer for the syndicate's notorious Murder, Inc.
Season 1, Episode 3
April 30, 1959
Jane Cooper, recently paroled from prison, proves that she hasn't learned anything when she once again begins hanging around with underworld characters. Only this time it seems as though her mobster boyfriends keep dying off.
Season 1, Episode 6
May 21, 1959
Small time racketeer Eddie Safronek plots revenge against the hoods who beat him up and left him for dead.
Season 1, Episode 16
August 13, 1959
Lucky Silva is a small-time hood who by a combination of circumstance, ambition, and drive rises quickly to a position of prominence in New York's Mafia.
Season 1, Episode 17
August 20, 1959
A judge is murdered right before a state crime commission is scheduled to take a look into his activities.

The Lawless Years
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