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    Bonanza     19591973     available on [DVD]


January 23, 1960
Season 1, Episode 19

The Gunmen

Hoss and Joe are arrested in Texas when they are mistaken for the Slade brothers, who were involved in a feud between two families. A member of one of the families breaks the two out of jail and Joe ans Hoss try to bring an end to the feud.
January 30, 1960
Season 1, Episode 20

The Fear Merchants

In Virginia City, when Jimmy Chong is accused of murdering the daughter of his employer the Cartwrights must battle a bigoted politician in order to prove Jimmy innocent.
February 6, 1960
Season 1, Episode 21

The Spanish Grant

Rosita Morales disguises herself as heiress Isabella Marie Inez de la Cuesta in an attempt to gain possession of a land grant which has part of the Ponderosa in it. Ben becomes suspicious and with his sons tries to track down the real heiress.
February 13, 1960
Season 1, Episode 22

Blood On The Land

Sheepherder Jeb Drummond is passing through the Ponderosa when he decides to camp exactly where he is. He stands up to all of Ben's attempts to get him off the land.
February 20, 1960
Season 1, Episode 23

Desert Justice

An old friend of the Cartwrights is wanted for murder by an obsessed lawman with a secret passion for revenge.
February 27, 1960
Season 1, Episode 24

The Stranger

Ben runs for the position of Governor of Nevada. But Charles Leduque shows up to take Ben to New Orleans to face murder charges.
March 5, 1960
Season 1, Episode 25

Escape to Ponderosa

Adam is bushwhacked by three escaped convicts, so Ben joins Army Captain Bolton in a search for the convicts.
March 19, 1960
Season 1, Episode 26

The Avenger

Adam and Ben are going to be hanged for murder and Joe and Hoss struggle to prove their innocence. A man called Lassiter turns up and tries to help the Cartwrights.
March 26, 1960
Season 1, Episode 27

The Last Trophy

An English couple, Lord Dunsford and his wife Lady Beatrice, come to visit the Cartwrights, and Adam offers the Dunsfords to arrange a hunt party.
April 2, 1960
Season 1, Episode 28

San Francisco

Ben, Hoss, and Joe are in San Francisco searching for two ranch hands when Ben is kidnapped for enforced service at sea, and ready to be shipped away.
April 9, 1960
Season 1, Episode 29

Bitter Water

The Cartrights are in danger of loosing their water rights and cattle due to events caused by a greedy businessman.
April 16, 1960
Season 1, Episode 30

Feet Of Clay

Hoss developes a special relationship with a boy whose father is a covict on the run.
April 23, 1960
Season 1, Episode 31

Dark Star

Joe falls in love witha beautiful gypsy girl who has been banished by her family for bearing an ancient gypsy curse.
April 30, 1960
Season 1, Episode 32

Death At Dawn

The town is being run by bad guys and the Cartwrights decide it has to stop.
September 10, 1960
Season 2, Episode 1


A gang robs a bank and one of the criminals gets a job on the Ponderosa to keep a look out and warn his friends. The Cartwrights all take a shine to him except Joe.
September 17, 1960
Season 2, Episode 2

The Mission

Hoss suggests to Captain Pender that Charlie Trent could be his new scout. However Trent has become a drunkard after a massacre for which he feels responsible.
September 24, 1960
Season 2, Episode 3

Badge Without Honor

A crooked Marshal turned hitman is hired to make sure a witness never makes trial.
October 1, 1960
Season 2, Episode 4

The Mill

The Cartwrights decide to help Tom Edwards, a disabled man who holds Ben responsible for his condition, gain some purpose.
October 8, 1960
Season 2, Episode 5

The Hopefuls

Regina Darien gets Adam to help escort her wagon train safely on a dangerous journey west. Adam helps along with his new traveling companion Sam Bord, unaware of what Sam has planned.
October 15, 1960
Season 2, Episode 6

Denver McKee

A retired Sheriff and friend of the Cartwrights is moonlighting as the ring leader of an organized crime wave.
October 22, 1960
Season 2, Episode 7

Day Of Reckoning

An outcast Indian saves Ben's life and in return Ben gives the Indian some land, much to the dismay of Cartwright neighbor Ike Dagget.
November 5, 1960
Season 2, Episode 9

Breed Of Violence

Joe's friend Dolly Kincaid gets involved with the wrong kind of people and when she gets together with Vince Dagen, Joes tries to stop her and intervene.
November 12, 1960
Season 2, Episode 10

The Last Viking

Gunnar Borgstrom and his outlaw gang kidnap Joe and his girlfriend on the way to Canada. Little does he know his true links to Joe.
November 26, 1960
Season 2, Episode 11

The Trail Gang

Outlaw Johnny Logan takes on a job at the Ponderosa with a different name, so he can get revenge on his sheriff father who jailed him previously.
December 3, 1960
Season 2, Episode 12

The Savage

Adam finds a woman threatened by The Shoshones and in his efforts to protect her he is shot in the leg with an arrow. He then relies on a woman known to the Indians as the white buffalo woman to help him.
December 10, 1960
Season 2, Episode 13

Silent Thunder

Joe tries to teach sign language to deaf and mute Ann. Ben is unsure about it and questions Joe's motives. Joe's efforts are tested when Ann is the only one who can help in a bad situation.
December 17, 1960
Season 2, Episode 14

The Ape

Hoss becomes friends with a man of similar stature but who has never learned to control his temper.
December 31, 1960
Season 2, Episode 15

The Blood Line

When Ben is forced to kill Luke Grayson, his son tracks down Ben for revenge.
January 7, 1961
Season 2, Episode 16

The Courtship

Hoss and Joe travel to Sacramento to meet the widow of one of Ben's friends. Hoss falls in love with her and intends to marry her. But Adam is skeptical of her and her intentions.
January 14, 1961
Season 2, Episode 17

The Spitfire

Little Joe is forced to kill the kin of a backwoods hillbilly family named the Hoads.



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