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This Is Your Life


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    This Is Your Life     19521961     available on [DVD]


May 27, 1953
This Is Your Life, Hanna Bloch Kohner
December 1, 1954
This Is Your Life, Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy
June 6, 1956
This Is Your Life, Milton Berle

Milton Berle is surprised at The Brown Derby restaurant, where he is sharing a table with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.
November 21, 1956
This Is Your Life, Lou Costello
February 20, 1957
This Is Your Life, Duke Kahanamoku
November 20, 1957
This Is Your Life, Boris Karloff
June 24, 1959
This Is Your Life, Dick Clark
April 27, 1960
This Is Your Life, Jesse Owens


This Is Your Life

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