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The Man Behind the Badge

Series aired 1953 - 1954
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Season 2, Episode 6
February 12, 1955
A Vermont State's Attorney investigates the murder of a man believed to be charging usurious interest.
Season 2, Episode 8
February 26, 1955
An immigration agent goes undercover to bust up a fake passport scheme.
Season 2, Episode 17
April 30, 1955
A DC Police Detective begins his first homicide case.
Season 2, Episode 25
June 25, 1955
A con man plays a spinster for a sucker in a phony oil well scam.
Season 2, Episode 33
August 20, 1955
A Chicago police officer falls back on his show biz training to go undercover as a hobo to catch a robber.
Season 2, Episode 37
September 17, 1955
An attempt is made to sabotage a Strategic Air Command excercise.

The Man Behind the Badge
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