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Lights Out


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    Lights Out     19491952     available on [DVD]


October 9, 1950
Season 3, Episode 7

Just What Happened
January 22, 1951
Season 3, Episode 22

For Release Today
February 12, 1951
Season 3, Episode 25

Curtain Call

A stage actor is haunted by the ghost of his late wife.
February 19, 1951
Season 3, Episode 26

Strange Legacy

Three people each becoming great inventors but only so after coming into direct physical contact with a previously but dead mastermind that they never meet face to face, represented by his surviving widow.
April 2, 1951
Season 3, Episode 32

The Mad Dullaghan

A woman commits herself to a mental institution because she believes she's become possessed by the spirit of an Irish fairy named Dullaghen.
June 25, 1951
Season 3, Episode 44

The Passage Beyond

A couple discover that their creepy Gothic home is haunted by a family ancestor.
August 6, 1951
Season 3, Episode 50

The Faceless Man

A beautiful French damsel does not realize that the handsome suitor now pursuing her affections was once the hideously deformed man she rejected.
August 13, 1951
Season 3, Episode 51

The Man with the Watch

An alien from another galaxy begins kidnapping Earthlings and it's up to a police detective to stop him.
October 15, 1951
Season 4, Episode 8

I Spy

An eccentric couple serve their country as undercover intelligence agents.
October 22, 1951
Season 4, Episode 9

The Deal
December 10, 1951
Season 4, Episode 16

The Angry Birds
March 10, 1952
Season 4, Episode 29

The Upstairs Floor

An elderly landlady thinks her tenant might have murdered his wife.


Lights Out

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