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The Johns Hopkins Science Review


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    The Johns Hopkins Science Review     19481954


March 20, 1951
Don't Drink that Water

Dr. Abel Wolman summarizes the history of methods of acquiring pure water and the science of sanitary engineering.
October 8, 1951
The Master Glass Blower

John Lehman, a glassblower at Johns Hopkins University, demonstrates and explains how to turn glass as it heats, pull points, blow bulbs, insert sidearms into bulbs, and make a glass coil. His creation of glass scientific apparatus is made to specification and exactness for university research labs.
January 7, 1952
A Visit to Our Studio

Viewers are shown the master control room, the studio control room, and audio and video equipment of the WAAM studio. Studio employees are introduced and their studio jobs described. Finally the entire staff runs through the activity involved in an actual program production.
February 18, 1952
Usefulness of Useless Knowledge

Dr. Abel Wolman describes the purpose of a university as a place to search for truth without interference. When research is in its initial stages, the information generated does not appear to have any useful application. By using case studies, the show demonstrates that basic research can have profound implications.
May 5, 1952
Great Men of Science

Films of some of Johns Hopkins leading scientists and their contributions are presented.
February 17, 1954
Concrete With Muscles

Johns Hopkins professor of civil engineering Walter Boyer discusses the history of concrete and its uses in present day.
November 7, 1954
Living Together

The roles of the psychiatrist and the social worker are discussed, and actors dramatize three actual cases: a family's conflict, an individual's depression, and an adolescent's problems. In conclusion, the show notes that the problems of living are common and solvable.


The Johns Hopkins Science Review

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