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    Crossroads     19551957


February 3, 1956
Season 1, Episode 18

The Inner Light

A medical missionary in Communist China helps a blind man find meaning in life by helping him become a smuggler.
March 9, 1956
Season 1, Episode 23

Mother O'Brien

A police officer, with the help of a Catholic priest, tries to get his younger brother to break his drug habit while protecting their mother from a painful reality.
November 30, 1956
Season 2, Episode 9

God's Healing

When a woman with a heart condition comes to a minister him for help, he finds there's more than physical health involved.
January 4, 1957
Season 2, Episode 14

The Man Who Walked On Water

A minister and his wife face hardship on the African Mission field in the form of a witch doctor.



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