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    Climax!     19541958


October 21, 1954
Season 1, Episode 3

Casino Royale

American Agent Jimmy Bond plays baccarat for high stakes with a Soviet agent who needs to win to cover his embezzlement of party funds and will stop at nothing to get 80 million Francs.
July 28, 1955
Season 1, Episode 34

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

An adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde".
September 8, 1955
Season 2, Episode 2

Public Pigeon #1

A lovable but naive dupe is roped into helping a gang of confidence men. When the dupe is imprisoned, the crooks need him to get him out to get their money from his safe deposit box.
April 19, 1956
Season 2, Episode 27

The Lou Gehrig Story
March 28, 1957
Season 3, Episode 22

Strange Sanctuary

Two outlaws hide out from a lynch mob in a convent.
February 6, 1958
Season 4, Episode 17

Four Hours in White

A doctor faces a dilemma as an identical twin can save the life of his brother through a kidney transplant. But the healthy twin could have a heart attack that would mean both brothers die.



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