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The Adventures of Sir Lancelot


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    The Adventures of Sir Lancelot     19561956     available on [DVD]


November 5, 1956
Season 1, Episode 6

Sir Bliant
November 12, 1956
Season 1, Episode 7

The Pirates
November 19, 1956
Season 1, Episode 8

The Magic Sword
December 3, 1956
Season 1, Episode 9

Lancelot's Banishment
February 18, 1957
Season 1, Episode 17

The Lesser Breed

King Arthur sends Sir Lancelot to investigate reports of a nearby village being terrorized by a horrible monster. He discovers that the monster is really a Viking boat.
February 25, 1957
Season 1, Episode 16

The Ruby Of Radnor

Merlin sends Squire Brian on an errand to deliver a crate of pigeons to a neighboring castle. En route, he becomes involved with a gang of thieves who stole the precious Ruby of Radnor.
March 11, 1957
Season 1, Episode 19

Sir Crustabread

King Arthur gives Sir Lancelot a new name and sends him off to champion a lady who is being forced into marrying an unscrupulous man.
March 18, 1957
Season 1, Episode 18

Witches' Brew

A woman claiming mystical powers has convinced King Bors of Sagitaw that she is using evil against him. Sir Lancelot enlists Merlin's aid against her powers.
March 25, 1957
Season 1, Episode 20

Maid Of Somerset

A young girl asks Sir Lancelot's aid. An evil monarch, King Meliot, is selling the young men of the village of Cheddar into slavery.
April 22, 1957
Season 1, Episode 23

The Lady Lilith

The Lady Lilith has been running the castle of Goodhue since it was left to her by the late Sir William when she was 14 years old. Sir Liones petitions for a ruling at the court of the king because law says that no property can be inherited by a woman. King Arthur suggests a resolution.
May 13, 1957
Season 1, Episode 26

Knights' Choice

After the death of a knight of the Round Table, a young man enters a tournament that will decide who will fill the vacancy.
May 20, 1957
Season 1, Episode 28

The Mortaise Fair

While visiting Mortaise Castle, Queen Guinevere is presented with a priceless jewel from the Rajah of Kaipur. Shortly afterward there is a fire, and during the excitement the jewel is stolen.
June 3, 1957
Season 1, Episode 30

The Prince Of Limerick

A prince in love with King Anguish's daughter Kathleen is banished from the court because he possesses nothing but the ability to write rhymes. Sir Lancelot, hearing of the young couple's plight, travels to Anguish's court to help them.
June 17, 1957
Season 1, Episode 29

The Thieves

King Arthur and Sir Lancelot disguise themselves as thieves in order to test the validity of a statement by Lancelot. The knight believes that the thieves of the kingdom are criminals only because they are starving.


The Adventures of Sir Lancelot

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