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Michael Shayne

Series aired 1960 - 1961
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Season 1, Episode 6
November 11, 1960
A woman returns to find her husband dead, and herself the prime suspect. Michael Shayne investigates and finds plenty of suspects including the wife, the nephew, two business partners, and a jealous husband.
Season 1, Episode 11
December 16, 1960
A man who wanted to hire Michael Shayne is found dead near a cheap hotel. Shayne find himself trying to untangle of the lies, betrayal, deception, murder, and kidnapping against the backdrop of a ritzy health spa.
Season 1, Episode 13
December 30, 1960
An accountant for an underworld kingpin calls Michael Shayne for help from a phone booth and is a shot down before Shayne can learn anything. He was supposed to be carrying a list of names, but all that's found on him is a copy of Alice in Wonderland.
Season 1, Episode 15
January 13, 1961
Shayne investigates murder on the set of a film set.
Season 1, Episode 16
January 20, 1961
A wealthy businessman is killed when a Doctor gives him insulin due to a diabetic bracelet being on his wrist and then the bracelet disappears.
Season 1, Episode 22
March 3, 1961
A hated unethical detective is murdered at a private eye convention.
Season 1, Episode 26
March 31, 1961
The son of dying wealthy man proposes to one woman and then another for his own reasons and then is murdrered.
Season 1, Episode 29
April 21, 1961
A celebrity hero gets caught up in a murder.

Michael Shayne
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