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Studio One


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December 12, 1948
Season 1, Episode 3

The Medium

A phony medium panics at a seance when she feels hands around her neck.
May 25, 1949
Season 1, Episode 15

Flowers From A Stranger

A psychiatrist's wife mysteriously receives a box of flowers from a stranger.
June 22, 1949
Season 1, Episode 19

June Moon

A naive young shipping clerk travels from his hometown of Schenectady to New York City in hopes of becoming a lyricist.
November 14, 1949
Season 2, Episode 10

Two Sharp Knives

A man is arrested for murder, but is he the real killer?
November 21, 1949
Season 2, Episode 1

Of Human Bondage

Remake of the classic 1930's film starring Leslie Howard and Bette Davis about a crippled med student's romance with a hard-hearted waitress.
December 5, 1949
Season 2, Episode 15

Henry IV

Story about an eccentric Italian who believes himself to be Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV.
December 12, 1949
Season 2, Episode 14

Jane Eyre

Dramatization of Charlotte Bronte's classic novel about a woman hired as a governess for the children of a disillusioned and moody man.
March 27, 1950
Season 2, Episode 29

A Passenger to Bali

An innocent looking passenger on board a freighter ship turns out to be not as he seems.
June 19, 1950
Season 2, Episode 41

There Was A Crooked Man

Whodunit set in a boarding house.
September 25, 1950
Season 3, Episode 5

Away from It All
December 25, 1950
Season 3, Episode 18

Little Women: Jo's Story

Conclusion of two part dramatization of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel.
September 3, 1951
Season 3, Episode 54

Mr. Mummery's Suspicion

A man hires a new cook for his household. Unbeknownst to him, she just poisoned all the members of the household where she previously worked.
March 31, 1952
Season 4, Episode 29

The Story of Meg Mallory

The daughter of a mayor is kidnapped but even more complications ensue when she falls for one of her captors.
May 5, 1952
Season 4, Episode 34

Treasure Island

Dramatization of the classic novel about a search for buried pirate treasure.
November 17, 1952
Season 5, Episode 8

Plan For Escape

After her mobster husband dies, a woman decides to break free from the underworld.
December 22, 1952
Season 5, Episode 12

The Nativity

Musical version of the Nativity.
January 12, 1953
Season 5, Episode 16

The Trial of John Peter Zenger

Publisher John Peter Zenger goes on trial for seditious libel in colonial New York.
May 18, 1953
Season 5, Episode 34

The Laugh Maker

A high strung comic finds himself being pestered by a nosy magazine reporter.
August 17, 1953
Season 5, Episode 46

Sentence of Death

A young man is in the wrong place at the wrong time when a drug store robbery turns fatal.
September 21, 1953
Season 6, Episode 1


Dramatization of George Orwell's classic novel about a totalitarian society in the year 1984.
September 20, 1954
Season 7, Episode 1

Twelve Angry Men

Bob Cummings plays the holdout juror, unsure, knowing only that he feels he must vote his conscience.


Studio One

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