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Sergeant Preston of the Yukon


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    Sergeant Preston of the Yukon     19551958     available on [DVD]


September 13, 1956
Season 2, Episode 1

The Limping King

Yukon King's "lame dog" trick helps Sergeant Preston get close enough to reason with Tom Elders, a gentle veterinarian who turned into a rifle-brandishing hermit after apparently being swindled out of his life's savings of $9,000.
October 25, 1956
Season 2, Episode 7

King of Herschel Island

Preston must internvene when a vicious group of outlaws overtakes an Eskimo village, killing its residents and stealing their supplies.
November 1, 1956
Season 2, Episode 8

Ghosts of the Anvils
January 3, 1957
Season 2, Episode 17

The Black Ace
January 11, 1957
Season 2, Episode 18

Scourge Of The Wilderness

An Indian Chief declares war on a lumber camp that has been set up on the tribe's land.


Sergeant Preston of the Yukon

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