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Tales of Tomorrow


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August 3, 1951
Season 1, Episode 1

Verdict From Space

A defendant on trial, accused of murdering a prominent archaeologist, tells the jury an incredible story of a pending alien invasion.
October 12, 1951
Season 1, Episode 9

The Crystal Egg

A London university professor discovers that a mysterious crystal egg is actually a window to Mars.
October 26, 1951
Season 1, Episode 10

Test Flight

The CEO of an aerospace company is determined to build a spaceship for interplanetary travel and a young scientist convinces him that he can perform the task--but ony if he's the first person to travel on the spaceship.
December 7, 1951
Season 1, Episode 13

Sneak Attack

During the Cold War, a captured American spy is his country's only hope to avert an attack by a new type of bomb.
January 4, 1952
Season 1, Episode 15

The Dune Roller

On an island, a strange rock begins to grow and scientists theorize that it's an ancient meteor trying to re-assemble itself.
January 18, 1952
Season 1, Episode 16


Scientist Victor Frankenstein creates life but his creation becomes a monster.
March 28, 1952
Season 1, Episode 26

Flight Overdue

The husband of an aviatrix who disappeared on a test flight finally learns the truth about his wife's disappearance.
April 18, 1952
Season 1, Episode 29

Time to Go

A housewife who likes to make sure that every second counts is contacted by a bank that doesn't save money--it saves time.
May 2, 1952
Season 1, Episode 31

Red Dust

Four members of a space party returning to Earth from Alpha Centauri try to determine what killed the other two members of their party.
May 23, 1952
Season 1, Episode 34

World of Water

A scientist discovers a solvent that is capable of dissolving the planet.
May 30, 1952
Season 1, Episode 35

The Little Back Bag

A struggling doctor discovers some unusual instruments in a black bag which he purchased from a pawn shop.
June 13, 1952
Season 1, Episode 37

All The Time in The World

A man must decide whether or not he wants to survive a hydrogen bomb blast. If he does, he'll be the only person remaining on earth.
July 18, 1952
Season 1, Episode 41

Ahead of His Time

A lab technician invents a time machine and uses it to travel forward to the year 2052.
August 8, 1952
Season 1, Episode 43

Ice from Space

A rocket returns from space with a huge block of ice inside its compartment. An Air Force officer realizes that this block of ice is a form of alien invasion.
September 5, 1952
Season 2, Episode 3

The Seeing Eye Surgeon

When a prominent physician dons a pair of eyeglasses he discovers that he can see into the future.
September 26, 1952
Season 2, Episode 6

Youth on Tap (aka: Young Blood)

A 26 year old man gives a doctor a blood transfusion in return for $1,000 but the process causes the young man to age.
October 10, 1952
Season 2, Episode 8

The Horn

A scientist invents a machine that has the power to control human emotions.
October 24, 1952
Season 2, Episode 10

Many Happy Returns (aka: Invaders at Ground Zero)

A father discovers that his son and other neighborhood children are being controlled telepathically by an alien.
December 12, 1952
Season 2, Episode 17

The Fatal Flower

Doing research in the Brazilian jungle, two biochemists develop a mysterious plant.
December 26, 1952
Season 2, Episode 19

The Bitter Storm

A man brings back voices and sounds from the Garden of Eden.
February 13, 1953
Season 2, Episode 26

Another Chance

A man is given the chance to live the past seven years of his life over but he makes the same mistakes.
February 20, 1953
Season 2, Episode 27

The Great Silence

The nation is hit with an epidemic in which vocal chords are paralyzed. However, it's actually an alien plot to conquer the United States.
March 6, 1953
Season 2, Episode 32

The Fury of the Cocoon

Members of an expedition into the jungle are attacked by invisible blood sucking leaches from outer space.
March 20, 1953
Season 2, Episode 28

Read to Me, Herr Doktor

A professor builds a robot who begins to take on the characteristics of humans including falling in love with the professor's daughter.
March 27, 1953
Season 2, Episode 29

Ghost Writer

A writer discovers to his horror that the events in his short stories are coming true.
May 1, 1953
Season 2, Episode 37

The Evil Within

A scientist creates a formula that unlocks evil. Then his wife unknowingly ingests some of the formula.

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